Kelly Bron Johnson - Completely Inclusive

Keynotes and Workshops

I am signed exclusively with Keynote Speakers Canada. Please contact them for bookings. 

I primarily speak on topics I have lived experience in, using my Black (mixed heritage), queer, non-binary, and disabled identities to enrich facts and research presented.

Audiences enjoy my genuine, engaging and informative talks, infused with just the right amount of disarming wittiness.

Core Topics:

-Neurodiversity (with a strong focus on Workplace Psychological Health and Safety and mental health)

-Workplace Accommodations

-Inclusive Workplace Cultures (Race, Gender, Disability and 2SLGBTQ+ issues)

It’s not just about physical space, inclusion and accommodation is a mindset as well. Through workshops and sensitization programs, we can help employees learn how to best accommodate and support each other, and serve your clients and customers.

Through these conversations, we often learn we have much more in common than previously thought.

All employees benefit not only from workplace diversity, but also inclusion, acceptance, justice, and equity. We work to strategize a move to more healthy workplaces, which reduces sick leaves, and complaints, and increases employee retention and satisfaction. 

Keynote at iNOD Conference

Sustaining a Neurodiverse Organizational Culture: How Do We Do It?